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 The TAB mediation, undertaken through l’Institut de Conciliació de Barcelona [the Barcelona Conciliation Institute] by highly experienced professionals, will complement the alternative dispute resolution methods used by the TAB.



This figure allows the TAB to appoint an interim arbitrator who can issue precautionary measures while the arbitrator on the merits appointment process is completed.



This platform for dialogue, research and improvement aims to contribute to building confidence in arbitration, provide reliable quality, make the most specialized professionals availa- ble to the market and generally enhance awareness of arbitra- tion.



'La Vanguardia' Sunday newspaper supplement 'Dinero' [Money] publishes an article by Mr. Jesus de Alfonso, President of the Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona-TAB [Barcelona Arbitration Court], in which he defends that the courts and public authorities should not interfere in the world of arbitration.

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