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The Barcelona Arbitration Court (namely “Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona” - TAB) was formally founded in 1.989 under the provisions of the 1.988 Spanish Arbitration Act, although during the parliamentary discussions of the mentioned act, a group of jurists already made the decision of founding it with the specific intention of actively rendering services in the field of dispute resolution through arbitration or any other similar institution such as conciliation.

This initiative was supported by institutions such as the Council of the Bar Associations of Catalonia, the Barcelona Bar Association, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the Catalan Notary Association.

The TAB was set up and operates with the purpose of serving the Society, facilitating that professional neutral persons of recognized integrity and capability, as well as prestige and a notable professional career, may understand and deal with the disputes, its origins and the area in which they have appeared, and provide their solution.

The TAB aims to ensure that its employees, the members of its Executive Board, its President, and arbitrators1 comply with the codes of ethics and best practices  approved by the TAB that are in force at the time. The TAB also aims to ensure the promotion and respect of diversity and the environment.


1The term “arbitrator” designs a person appointed to resolve a dispute through a resolution or award.