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The Board of Directors, formed by member bodies, rules, governs, manages and represents the Catalan Arbitration Association-Barcelona Arbitration Court. Individuals representing the Association's members may be members of the Barcelona Arbitration Court if they meet the necessary requirements and accept the position. The Barcelona Arbitration Court is the permanent body with delegated authority conducting the administration of arbitrations.

Members of the Board of Directors:

President: Mr. Juli de Miquel Berenguer
Vice-president: Mr. Diego de Dueñas Alvarez
Secretary: Mr. José Ignacio Garmendia Rodríguez
Members: Mr. Manel Albiac Cruxent, Mr. Antoni Bosch Carrera, Mr. Xavier Coronas Guinart, Mr. Jordi Gosalves i López, Mr. Fernando J. Llopis Rausa, Mr. Frederic Munné Catarina, Ms. Mercè Pigem Palmés, Ms. Maria Mercedes Tarrazón Rodón, Mr. Francisco Tusquets Trías de Bes.