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The arbitrator or arbitration panel in the case of multiple arbitrators, is the neutral person or persons responsible for resolving the conflict that the parties have submitted them. There is always an odd number.

The arbitrators appointed in proceedings administered by the TAB are professionals of recognized standing and proven professional experience demonstrated in their legal specialties. They must have a minimum of fifteen years’ experience of and meet the Qualification Criteria for admission to the list of TAB arbitrators and submit to the Codes of Ethics and Good Practice.

Which arbitrator will resolve my dispute?

Your arbitrator may be the professional that you choose from those contained in the Register of TAB arbitrators provided that your choice of arbitrator matches the one chosen by the other party. The parties may also agree in advance to appoint a professional both trust as arbitrator to resolve the conflict between them. In such cases, the TAB will evaluate the professional circumstances and independence of the arbitrator proposed and if appropriate, ratify the agreement of the parties.

If the parties have not previously agreed, the TAB appoints an arbitrator with the participation of the parties as far as possible and in accordance with what they say in their introductory statements as regards the profile of the arbitrator they want and the object of the arbitration proceedings.