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PDF Version Preliminary criminal proceedings during arbitration proceedings and while arbitration award is being challenged
PDF Version Annulment of arbitration in equity awards for justifiable doubts as to the arbitrator's impartiality and independence, and denial of admission of evidence
PDF Version The validity of arbitration clauses in swap agreements

PDF Version Arbitration in equity on corporate derivative actions involving director’s liability
PDF Version Issues surrounding the independence of the arbitration institution: extent of scope of the award
PDF Version Issues surrounding the annulment of awards: in the light of art. 41 of the Ley de Arbitración [Spanish Arbitration Act] by the absence of an arbitrator at the time the award is handed down by the tribunal
PDF Version An award made in a case of arbitration in equity is not thereby prevented from being based on a breach of legal rules

PDF Version The possibility of taking judicial action for the provision of funds for arbitration proceedings
PDF Version Overcoming the judicial requirement of unanimous awards in an arbitration process arising from the rules of a Shareholders’ Syndicate
PDF Version Extension of the arbitration agreement to new company members and hereditary successors to signatories of the agreement
PDF Version Criteria for extension of the arbitration agreement: the arbitration award can only rule on those matters which are covered by the arbitration agreement through voluntary agreement of the parties
PDF Version Criteria for motion for disqualification of the Arbitration Tribunal by parties for the purposes of Art. 13 of the Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil [Code of Civil Procedure]. The issue of "direct and legitimate interest"
PDF Version Transmission of arbitration agreement: analysis of legal criteria for validity, applicability and extension to non-signatory parties

PDF Version Arbitrability of corporate resolutions, including challenges to validity thereof
PDF Version Grounds for annulment arbitration award: award contrary to public policy and its effects on third parties
PDF Version Criteria for annulment of late awards. Calculation of time limit for awards
PDF Version Breach of Regulations by arbitration institution
PDF Version Form and time limit for giving notification of award

PDF Version Error in designation or non-existence of arbitration institution agreed by parties
PDF Version International Arbitration. Need to accredit notification of award
PDF Version Submission to procedure regulated by an arbitration institution
PDF Version Suspension of time limit for challenging proceedings. Request for free legal aid
PDF Version Consistency of award: ex oficio condemnation of payment of interests

PDF Version Inconsistency by omission. Legal consequences and methods of redress
PDF Version Extension of arbitration agreement in principal contract or related contracts
PDF Version Improper enforcement of injunctive measure ordered by arbitrator
PDF Version Preliminary judgments in arbitration
PDF Version On the concept of public order

PDF Version Consistency of arbitration award and implicit submission
PDF Version Inclusive nature of arbitration institution rules
PDF Version Alternative submission to arbitration and ordinary courts

PDF Version The exception of res judicata in the arbitration centre
PDF Version More on whether an arbitration agreement can be recognised as invalid ex oficio by a judge dealing with enforcement of the award
PDF Version Appointment of arbitrator accoding to Office held
PDF Version On the motivation necessary for an arbitration award

PDF Version Comprehensive arbitration agreement should not replace legal arguments
PDF Version Objective and not subjective nature of inseparability of issues. The need to join other parties and differing interests in the arbitration process
PDF Version Erroneous incompatibility between submission to arbitration and submission to special territorial jurisdiction
PDF Version Unfair arbitration clause. Invalidity recognisable ex oficio
PDF Version Inequitable nature of award as ground for annulment
PDF Version Aim of process of annulment of award
PDF Version When a civil judgment is needed prior to the arbitration process
PDF Version Subrogation inter vivos in the arbitration agreement

PDF Version Passivity of the arbitrator as a ground for alleging lack of proper defence
PDF Version Essential character of flaws in procedendo
PDF Version Procedural treatment of counterclaims in the arbitration process
PDF Version Competence to interpret the arbitration agreement
PDF Version Calculating the time-limit for clarification of the arbitration award
PDF Version Lis pendens and arbitration

PDF Version Conditional acceptance of arbitrator
PDF Version The necessary impartiality of the arbitration administration centre

PDF Version Paradigms of arbitrability
PDF Version Effectiveness of pre-arbitration acts performed before an arbitration centre
PDF Version Repetitive and unnecessary character of expression on the binding nature of arbitration award
PDF Version The arbitrator’s duty of consistency and full dispute resolution
PDF Version Effects of submission to a non-existent arbitration centre
PDF Version Liability of arbitrators and the taking of evidence
PDF Version The legal presumption of lack of acceptance of the arbitrator
PDF Version The time and method to introduce the facultative aspects of the arbitration agreement
PDF Version Implied submission to arbitration

PDF Version The legal standard of "public order" as a ground for annulment of awards

PDF Version The arbitrator’s duty of consistency and full dispute resolution