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  • Costs accrue from the start of arbitration, as detailed below.
  • Lodgement of Claim entails the payment of a registration fee.
  • Calculation of the costs of arbitration takes into account the economic interest of the parties’ claims and includes the arbitrator’s fees of the arbitrator and the administrative fees of the Barcelona Court of Arbitration.
  • Any change in amount claimed by either party shall result in a modification of costs, in accordance with calculations to be facilitated by the Secretariat.
  • The cost of arbitration shall be distributed equally between the claimant(s) and respondent(s). However, any party may satisfy a payment not made by the corresponding party, thus recognizing, where appropriate, the right to reinstatement in the award. This is without prejudice to any decision the arbitrator may make on costs.
  • Provision of funds for expenses. In addition, funds shall be deposited to cover expenses and disbursements arising from the proceedings. These shall include communications, notifications, digital media support, logging of the award and other processing costs, and shall not cover any expenses the parties or arbitrator(s) may incur with regard to expert witness evidence, reprographics and the like.
  • In cases involving unspecified amounts of damages, the cost of arbitration shall be €15,000.00, without prejudice to ulterior determination of the amount of the proceedings.
  • When there are three arbitrators, the costs shall not triple but shall be limited to twice the cost of standard proceedings, without initially necessitating an increase in the provision of funds for expenses.
  • Counterclaims, explicit or implicit, shall require new application of costs subject to the same rules as the main claim. For a counterclaim to be admissible the party making it must have met costs to date. No counterclaim shall be admitted if the counterclaimant has not satisfied the sum outstanding from the main action.
  • Precautionary Measures: in cases where precautionary measures are introduced, the same costs shall apply as in cases with an emergency arbitrator. Precautionary measures requested during the arbitration process shall be exempted from payment of the registration fee.
  • The abbreviated procedure (fast-track) shall be subject to a 30% discount on the regular cost of the proceedings.
  • Emergency arbitrator: will be calculated taking as a basis the rates established for all arbitration proceedings, to which a reduction factor of 50% is applied, with a maximum of €20,000 and a minimum of €2,500.
  • All amounts are legally subject to appropriate taxes.
  • Payments shall be lodged in the current account of the Barcelona Court of Arbitration:
         Caixa Advocats (c/ Roger de Llúria, 104 de Barcelona)
         Account: ES53 3183 0803 1320 0035 7125

The above rules shall enter into force thirty days after publication on the corporate website:
Release date: 19th March 2014

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